The Canadian Credit Card Guidebook

How to Choose, Use, and Manage Your Credit Card


Everything You Need to Know About Credit Cards

Canadian Credit Card Guidebook

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About the Author,

Credit Card Author

Rate Compass is an online comparison and ranking resource for credit cards. We help Canadian consumers evaluate and understand their options to make informed decisions when choosing a credit card.

We offer valuable information to help search, compare, choose, and apply for credit cards. Finding the card that suits you best is our objective.
Full Chapter List
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Part 1 – How to Choose Your Credit Card

  • Chapter 1: Credit Card Types
  • Chapter 2: Rewards Program
  • Chapter 3: Student Credit Cards
  • Chapter 4: Business Credit Cards

Part 2 – How to Use Your Credit Card

  • Chapter 5: Credit Score 101
  • Chapter 6: Credit Card Insurance
  • Chapter 7: Fraud Protection Guide

Part 3 – How to Manage Your Credit Card

  • Chapter 8: Credit Card Debt
  • Chapter 9: Balance Transfer Credit Cards
  • Credit Cards Glossary Terms
  • Conclusion

What readers said about this book

  • Credit Card Reader


    This book provides excellent information about credit cards that every potential and existing credit card users should know. It is educational, easy to read and well structured.
  • Credit Card Reader


    Great resource with valuable insights on the world of credit cards.Excellent content to get a quick grasp on how you can optimize your use of credit cards and improve your financial literacy.
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