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My Rate Compass Financial Literacy Scholarship 2020


This financial literacy scholarship has been created by My Rate Compass to encourage students across Canada to increase their financial literacy skills and to support positive habits in managing their personal finances during university and thereafter.

Building a solid foundation of financial literacy is essential to your success in everything from buying a car,or a house to ensuring you have the funds needed to retire.

Our organization is committed to helping students take control of their money and achieve their financial goals.


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About My Rate Compass

My Rate Compass is a financial educational portal and ranking resource helping Canadians to make informed financial decisions.

We provide personal finance content on a weekly basis covering the latest topics to help Canadians stay on top of their finances.

Free resources to help you improve your financial literacy

FREE Credit card guide:

The Canadian Credit Card Guidebook. How to Choose, Use, and Manage Your Credit Card

FREE Credit card online course:

Learn more about credit cards and improve your financial literacy with our FREE online course.

Credit Score 101

How To Manage Your Finances

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