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G2 driving license

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Do you have a full G drivers license? Would you like to know about the Ontario G2 license restrictions to avoid any penalty and license suspension? If so, read on.

You will have to go through two stages to qualify for a full G drivers license. First, you will have to get a G1. Once you have it, you can consider having a G2. You will have to wait from eight months to one year to get a G2 license.

If you have passed any government-approved drivers education, you can shorten the waiting period, and you can get a G2 after eight months. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the whole year.

How to Get an Ontario G2 license

You will find the process of getting a G2 license a bit different from the G1 license. First, you will have to pass a road test. You can do it with practice. Once you get your G1, you will have to start practicing to boost your driving skills. However, you will have to drive with a full G-licensed driver. You will also have to ensure that the driver has a full G license for a minimum of four years.

You can practice and improve your driving and safe driving practices. Once you feel confident, you can book your road test. During the road test, which takes twenty minutes, the qualified supervisor will assess the following.

  • 1. Your understanding of the road rules
  • 2. How you start, stop, turn, and pass
  1. 3. How you handle different situations
  2. 4. Driving skills in controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  3. 5. Your skills in parallel parking, three-point turn, and backing up
  4. 6. Safe driving practices, including speed limit, roadside stop, and steering techniques

Once you pass the G2 road test, you can get a G2 drivers license. It will take you a step closer to the full G license. However, you will have to familiarize yourself with Ontario G2 license restrictions. It will keep you safe on the road and prevent any penalties as well.

Ontario G2 License Restrictions

Ontario G2 License Restrictions have two categories: impairment and passengers.

1. Impairment

This restricts you from consuming alcohol and cannabis while in the drivers seat. When you are driving with a G2 license, your alcohol level has to be zero. Any exception can bring on penalties and even suspension. Therefore, ensure that you are not in the drivers seat if you have any trace of alcohol in your system.

You will have to avoid consuming cannabis as well while you are the one driving. Both alcohol and cannabis can be a threat to your license. The restriction is to protect you and others from harm.

2. Passengers

In normal conditions, passengers are responsible for their seatbelts. However, if you have a G2 license, you will be responsible for your passengers. You cannot allow your passengers not to use their seatbelts. Also, you cannot allow more passengers than the working seatbelts of your vehicle.

In addition to seat belt restrictions, there are rules about passenger numbers. If you are 19 or below, you can carry only one passenger of 19 or below between midnight and 5 a. m. However, if you are 20 and above or have a license for more than six months, you can carry up to three passengers of 19 or below.

These are the restrictions for new drivers. If you have more driving experience, you will have more freedom. You can carry more passengers in the following conditions.

If you have four years or more experience as a G2 driver, you can carry more passengers when your passengers alcohol level is .05 or below. It needs to be 0 when they are less than 21.

The restrictions will not be applicable for young passengers of your immediate family members.

You will have to follow G2 restrictions to prevent any penalty and suspension. By following these restrictions, you can ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road.

G2 driving license

Consequences of Violating Ontario G2 License Restrictions

Violation of G2 restrictions can lead to different consequences. It might be tickets, demerit points, fines, license revocations, or suspensions. In some cases, it might be criminal convictions.

The punishment will vary as well based on the severity of the offense. It is worth mentioning that some might impact car insurance quotes. You can avoid all these complications by complying with G2 restrictions.

Any novice driver, including G1 and G2, will get escalating penalties. However, fully licensed drivers will not get such severe consequences. You can get penalties in the following conditions:

1. Not adhering to G2 license restrictions

2. Committing a severe offense. If any offense results in four demerit points, you can get strict penalties.

In addition, you can get penalized if you do not follow the impairment restrictions. As mentioned earlier, you will have to follow zero alcohol and cannabis level rules while driving with a G2 license.

If you violate these restrictions, you might end up getting severe punishments. The officer might suspend your license. Worse, the officer can even cancel it. You will also have to pay fines. Here are more details about it:

  1. 1. The police will suspend your license for three days on the first offense. It will be seven days suspension if you repeat the offense. However, third-time offenders will get 30 days suspension.
  2. 2. The officer might not allow you to drive home. If you have a qualified passenger, they can take over the driving.
  3. 3. When you do not have anyone to drive you home, you can leave your car in a safe location at the roadside. You may also have to tow your vehicle at your expense.
  4. 4. For the first offense, you will have to pay a $250 penalty, and it will be $350 for the second offense. If it is your third offense, the penalty will be $450.

Punishment for Convicted Serious Offenses

The consequences will vary based on the severity of the offense. If you violate zero tolerance, it might lead to temporary suspension. If convicted of violating impairment restrictions, the police might revoke your license, and you might need to go through all the processes again. Hence, you will have to be careful while driving a vehicle with a G2 license.

Here are some details on the convictions:

  1. First Conviction: In many cases, the punishment for the first offense will be less severe. If it is the first conviction, the officer will suspend your license for 30 days. You can drive your vehicle after 30 days. Make sure not to repeat the offense. Second-time offenders will get more severe punishment.
  2. Second Conviction: The second conviction will lead to 90 days suspension of your license. You can drive your vehicle after 90 days. However, if you will not learn from your mistakes, you will have to prepare yourself for a more severe consequence.
  3. Third Conviction: Third-time offenders will get a severe punishment. The officer will cancel your license. If it happens, you will have only one choice left for you: you will have to start the process all over again.

A G2 license will have more restrictions compared to the full G license. You can say that it is a learning phase, and you will have to drive with caution. However, there will be a one-year waiting period to get your full G license. Once the waiting period is over, you can initiate steps to get your full G license.

How to Get a Full G License

You can follow all the Ontario G2 license restrictions and drive safely for 12 months after having your G2 license. However, the waiting period will be much more if you count from the G1. During the last few years, you might have taken extra caution to stay safe on the road and avoid penalties. But once you have a full G license, you will feel more confident while driving.

After 12 months, you can consider taking the Class G road test, which requires more driving experience than the G2 road test. You cannot take the Class G road test without enough highway experience. Hence, a lot of practice is a must before taking this test.

After having the required skills, you can book a road test. The requirements and the process of the Class G test will be similar to the G2 road test. You can take the road test as many times as you want. However, you will have to pay a fee every time.

If the G2 license expires and you cannot pass the road test before its expiry, you will have to start with the graduated licensing process again. If you do pass the test and get a full G license, you can drive confidently without many restrictions.

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