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Compare the best credit cards in Canada with our easy-to-use free tools and calculators. Low interest rates, huge sign-up bonuses and rewards programs.

Best Credit Cards in Canada

We only feature the best credit cards in Canada so you don’t need to worry about being directed to cards that could lead to issues. With so many to choose from, the best credit cards narrow down your choices with something for everyone in the mix.

We compare credit cards from the brands you trust

You’ll easily recognize the brands we feature, providing peace of mind you’ll be applying for credit cards with established lenders. We put everything into easy-to-understand terms, so you get the information you need, without the confusion

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Find a Credit Card That Fits Your Credit Score

My Rate Compass considers the challenges you might face including lower credit scores. You can easily search the cards that don’t have minimal incomes or credit scores so you can find a card even if you have income or credit issues.

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My Rate Compass offers ongoing education with updated posts covering all the ins and outs of finding a credit card, debt, finances and more. Visit us often to find the latest information that helps you maintain financial health and stability.
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