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Credit Card Type
Credit Card Usage
Credit Card Features
Recommended Credit Score
Welcome Bonus Value Estimated dollar value of the credit card welcome bonus
Annual Fee The annual fee on a credit card is a fee you pay each year to use the card
Purchase APR The interest Percentage Rate applied to all purchases you make with your credit card.
Cash Advance APR The Annual Percentage Rate applied if you used your card to get funds via ATM.
Credit Score
Recommended credit score range required to be eligible for approval for the credit card

TD Credit Cards


TD is one of Canada’s “big five” banks. It offers over two dozen credit cards, which can make it difficult to decide which one is right for you. This simple guide will help you make the right decision for your needs.

TD Credit Cards Overview

TD offers the following five categories of credit cards:

  • Cashback: Cashback cards offer “Cash Back Dollars” earned on your purchases which can be redeemed against your account balance. You can also use the money for other things with a minimum $25 requirement.
  • Aeroplan/TD Travel Rewards: If you love to travel both the TD® Aeroplan®, Visa Credit Card and TD Travel Credit Cards provide points towards travel costs.
  • No Annual Fees: This set of cards does not charge an annual fee to earn rewards.
  • Low Rates: A low-interest rate credit card of less than 19.99% allows you to avoid paying too much interest in balances carried.

They even offer a special card for students making it easier to qualify for your first credit card.


TD Credit Card Benefits and Perks

Here are the benefits of TD’s credit cards based on the type of card:

TD CashBack Visa Infinite

This card is one of the highest-earning cash back cards available. It offers a great 3% return in commonly used categories including gas, groceries, and your recurring bill payments like utilities. You also get 1% for any other spend on the card and never need to worry about the cashback expiring. Other perks include:

  • Up to $2 million in travel medical insurance on trips of up to 10 days
  • Delayed or lost baggage protection
  • Deluxe membership in TD Auto Club at a $79 value each year
  • Rental car collision/loss damage protection
  • Discounts at Budget and Avis
  • Concierge/access to luxury events
Keep your eye out for new cardholder offers such as 6% cashback for the first 3 months up to a total spend of $2,000 or a first-year annual fee rebated for the primary and additional cardholders.


TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite

Through Expedia, holders can redeem TD points for just about anything travel-related on any airline, hotel, or travel provider listed on Expedia. You earn 9 TD Points per dollar (4.5% in travel rewards) on purchases from and a flat 3 points per dollar (1.5% in travel rewards) on everything else. Perks include:

  • Straightforward redemptions with 200 TD Points worth $1
  • Your points never expire
  • Redeem for travel outside of Expedia or for merchandise or gifts
  • Comprehensive travel insurance benefits including automotive coverage and discounts
  • Annual fee rebated first year
  • Welcome bonuses such as to receive 20,000 TD Points when you make your first purchase
  • Up to $1 million in travel medical insurance (up to 21 days)
  • Trip cancellation and interruption, common carrier accident, and delayed and lost baggage protection
  • Priority Pass membership discount
  • Auto rental collision/loss damage protection
  • Discount at Avis and Budget
  • Visa Infinite perks including food and wine experiences and concierge


TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite

You’ll earn between 1 and 1.5 points per $1 on everyday spending to go towards Air Canada flights as well as over 24 Star Alliance partner purchases. Travel perks include:

  • Preferred pricing when booking flights on points
  • Savings on baggage fees on Air Canada flights
  • Excellent insurance package including hotel/motel burglary and auto rental loss and collision
  • Chance to maximize your points values and travel options further through their additional perks


TD CashBack Visa

This no-fee cash back card gives you 1% back on groceries, gas, and recurring bills, and 0.5% on everything else. The cashback never expires, and although perks are limited, they do offer:

  • Purchase security and extended warranty
  • Discounts at Avis and Budget
  • Available to Canadian residents the age of majority in your province/territory


TD Credit Card Drawbacks

There are some drawbacks to consider for these cards including pretty high-interest rates of 19.99% Interest on purchases and 22.99% for Cash Advances. Other potential downsides include:


TD CashBack Visa Infinite

This card has to be redeemed in $25 increments. Also, you might find the annual fee of $120 a bit high, although not unusual for this type of card. You also have to meet the income requirement of $60,000 individual or $100,00 household so it isn’t for everyone.

TD First Class Travel Visa Infinite

Although as mentioned you can redeem for travel outside of Expedia or for merchandise or gifts, you really get dinged on the value of your points. You actually are only given 0.4 of a cent per point for your first $1,200 which is about 25% less than Expedia redemptions. Again, the annual fee is high at $120, but they tend to have an ongoing offer to get a rebate your first year. As with the above, you also need to meet the same income requirements.

TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite

Here you’ll pay a steep annual fee of $139 although you will probably qualify for a rebate in the first year. The same annual income is required.


TD CashBack Visa

As with many no-fee cash back cards the perks are pretty lean here. The main issue is you’re your cashback rate is lower compared to most other no-fee bank cards. You have to redeem in $25 increments and again you’re looking at those high-interest rates.

How do TD credit cards compare to other banks?

Overall TD offers pretty good credit card options although you could certainly shop around to find more reasonable interest rates. You could consider their TD Emerald Flex Rate Visa Card which is set at TD Prime rate + 4.50% but if the prime rises your rate also rises. Some better options for cashback cards might include Tangerine for the best no-fee cash back card, and BMO Cash Back because they allow you to redeem with as little as $1 in your account.


How to choose the right TD credit card for your need?

This is easy with TD because they offer a simple online quiz you can take. They ask some simple questions and will direct you to the card that is best for your needs.



Which TD credit card is the best?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer to this question. It really depends on your income, whether you are willing to pay an annual fee and what you are looking for in a credit card.

What credit score do you need for a TD Credit Card?

You need a pretty high credit score of at least 750 if you want to get a TD credit card. However, an excellent option for those either without a credit history or a lower credit score, you can apply for the TD Cash Secured Credit Card. This card allows you to build up your credit score while earning cash back. You do require a minimum of $300 to fund the security deposit, however.
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