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Senior Discounts in Canada


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It is a ordinary promotion for companies and organizations to offer senior discounts. While there is no standard discount or age to qualify, you may want to consider spending your money at one of the retailers that offer a discount for seniors. The age cutoff for senior discounts is often around 65 years of age in Canada. For more information on customary senior discounts in Canada, continue reading.

What is a senior discount?

A senior discount is a discount for individuals over a certain age. The discount amount can vary from location to location and business to business. Sometimes they are only offered on a specific day of the week. Senior discounts can be offered to individuals 55+ but generally are offered to individuals 65+, so always have government photo ID ready upon request. How much of a discount, when the discount is offered, and who can receive the discount is determined by the retailer or organization. There are many places that offer a wide range of deals.

Common senior discounts in Canada by category

There are some common places that offer senior discounts in Canada. You can find grocery stores, banks, pharmacies, hotels, transportation, restaurants, tourist attractions, and many other places that offer senior discounts. If you are a bargain shopper or like spending less money than you must, you might be able to find a company that will offer you a senior discount. My Rate Compass provides a general overview of where you may be able to find discounts in major categories in Canada below.


Across Canada, there are various pharmacies that offer discounts to their senior customers. Here is a list of large chains that offer regular promotions, but always inquire at your local pharmacy to see if they offer any sort of senior discounts.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart offers 20% off hundreds of items in-store every Thursday to shoppers 65+. You will need to be PC Optimum member, which is their free rewards program
  • Rexall Pharma Plus offers 20% off non-sale items every Tuesday to shoppers 55+
  • Lawtons Drugs offers 20% off non-sale items once a month, date depending on location, to shoppers 55+


Across Canada nearly all banks offer discounts to their senior customers. Always seek the service you require at the best price possible. Most banks will offer a free chequing account with limited transactions but discounts on other accounts, discounts of safety deposit boxes, and free money orders with some banks. Call and ask your current bank what they offer seniors and consider switching over to another bank if you can find a better deal.


Many insurance companies will give senior discounts on their policies. While some companies offer better discount than others, always inquire with your current company or seek out an insurance broker and let them know you want the best senior discount possible.


Senior discounts exist for air travel, buses, trains, ferry boats, metro systems, and car rentals. If you are 55+, try to find a provider who will give you a discount. Nationwide, both Via Rail and Air Canada offer 10% off for individuals 60+. While you may not always be able to find a discount in your age group, if you enjoy traveling you can always plan trips to cities that have more discounts. Travel agents will be able to advise you on the best transportation and travel discounts available to your specific age group.


Many big hotel chains across Canada will offer senior discounts for hotel stays. Fairmont, Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Hyatt, Best Western and many more brands offer senior discount for stays with them. Discounts for most of these brands start at 55+ but Travelodge Hotels offers 10% off for individuals 50+. Always ask your hotel if the offer a senior discount and on what products and services. Travel agents will be able to help you secure the best rates if you inform them of your age.

Foods & Shopping

Senior discounts exist for many grocery stores and restaurants. Bulk Barn, M&M Meats, and Safeway are just a few of the chains that offer discounts for seniors on specific days of the week. Local grocery stores may have senior discounts as well, always inquire what discounts for what age group, and when they are offered.

With large chains offering senior discounts, smaller stores often offer similar options to compete. Some of the restaurants that offer senior discounts include Tim Hortons, A&W, Burger King, Mandarin Chinese Buffet, Imperial Buffet, Boston Pizza, and many more. Most of these restaurants have different terms for their discount based on location. Always ask what discounts for what age group, and when they are offered. Do not miss out on deals that could save you money. Senior discounts even exist at major chain store like Banana Republic and smaller thrift shops like Salvation Army.


You can find many museums, galleries, amusement parks, zoos, parks, theatres, and cinemas which will offer senior discounts on admission costs. The list for these options is very large, travel agents will be able to provide you with detailed information on tourist attraction discounts. For local entertainment and inquires, call and ask your local theatre and cinemas if they offer any senior discounts.

Service & Utilities

Discounts on education, wireless internet, gas, cleaning, and snow removal exist. Enbridge offers customer 65+ “Golden Age Service” which waves security deposits, and flexible payment dates based on your pension cheque payment date.

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