WestJet RBC Mastercard Review
Receive a welcome bonus of 50 WestJet dollars
Recommended Credit Score:
670 900
Average to Excellent
Welcome Bonus Value
Annual Fee
Purchase Interest Rate
Min Personal Required
WestJet RBC  Mastercard
My Rate Compass Rating: star star star star star_outline (4)
Bank Name:RBC
Network Type:Mastercard
WestJet RBC Mastercard
Welcome Bonus
Receive a welcome bonus of 50 WestJet dollars
Annual Fee
WestJet RBC  Mastercard
Card Details

WestJet RBC Mastercard Review

Receive a welcome bonus of 50 WestJet dollars the first time you use your card Earn WestJet dollars on your everyday purchases Travel whenever you want no blackouts or seat restrictions with your Westjet Mastercard

Interest Rate: 19.99%


  • Annual: $39, plus $19 for every additional card
  • Balance transfer: N/A
  • Cash advance: $3.50 in Canada and $5 outside Canada, plus 22.99% interest on overdue amounts
  • Foreign transaction: 2.5% per transaction
  • Missed or late payments: increased interest rates to 24.99% on all purchases and 27.97% on cash advances after two missed minimum payments
  • Over limit: $29
  • Returned payment: $45

  • Collect WestJet dollars for future vacations while making purchases, additional points when you purchase WestJet flights or vacation packages.
  • Additional benefits include extra points on Petro Canada purchases, travel assistance, travel insurance and worldwide acceptability.
  • Priority airport services No
  • Airport lounge access No
  • Concierge service No
  • Balance protection(Optional) Yes
  • Purchase Security & Extended Protection Insurance Yes
  • Flight delay insurance,Baggage Insurance Yes
  • Vehicule rental insurance Yes
  • Travel accident insurance Yes
  • Travel medical insurance Yes
Fees and Eligibility
  • Annual Fee: $39
  • Additional Card Fee: $19
  • Purchases Interest Rate: 19.99%
  • Cash Advance Interest Rate: 21.99%
  • You're a Canadian resident
  • You've reached the age of majority in your province or territory
Recommended Credit Score:
670 900
Average to Excellent
Our Rating
My Rate Compass Rating: star star star star star_outline (4)
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Pros and Cons
Lots of ways to earn WestJet dollars

  • A welcome bonus of 50 WestJet dollars with your first purchase Earn 1% in WestJet dollars for every qualifying purchase you make on your card Earn 1.5% in WestJet dollars when you buy WestJet flights or WestJet Vacation packages using your card
  • It's easy to redeem WestJet dollars Every WestJet dollar is worth $1 Canadian toward travel with WestJet or WestJet Vacations.
  • Simply use your WestJet dollars like cash toward all or part of your next flight or vacation package Travel whenever WestJet flies Wherever you want-no blackout periods or seat restrictions. Even during seat sales!
Editor's Review

WestJet flyers who don't meet the income requirements for the World Elite card or who can't tolerate the annual fee should check out the WestJet RBC Mastercard. For a $39 annual fee, you get 50 welcome WestJet dollars, 1% back in WestJet dollars for everyday purchases, and 1.5% on WestJet flights and vacation packages. As of July 2019, this card now offers a companion voucher. Once a year, you can book a round trip flight for a guest anywhere in Canada for just $199, plus taxes and fees.

The WestJet Mastercard is an excellent choice, especially for individuals who have a travel bug! By using this card, individuals can collect and redeem points for their next vacation. In addition to financial support, card holders reap the benefits of WestJet's various travel services, including travel assistance, worldwide accepted transactions and travel insurance.

While the rewards of this card are superb, it comes with an annual fee. Although, those charges won't be an issue if you manage the card effectively. Keep in mind that travel benefits are not the most accessible to everyone. Not everyone travels frequently or wants to put all their money towards lowering those costs, but if that's not you, this might be the most ideal card for your needs!

Overall, the WestJet Mastercard is an amazing credit card because it is accessible to the majority of Canadians. However, travel benefits can't be used on a regular basis meaning you aren't getting the most bang for your buck, especially considering the annual fee. In addition to the yearly expense, other costs on this card add up quickly too.

If you like Westjet Rewards, this card has a close cousin worth looking into.Read our review on the Westjet World Elite Mastercard


Information Box for WestJet RBC??Mastercard??and?WestJet RBC??World Elite Mastercard?

(subject to change)


Annual Interest Rate


Cash advances:?22.99%

These interest rates are in effect on the date your credit card account is opened (whether or not your card is activated).

Your interest rate will increase to?24.99%?on purchases and?27.99%?on cash advances for at least?6?months?if you do not make your minimum payment by the payment due date and you have not paid it by the date we prepare your next statement?2?or more times in any?12?month?period. This will take effect in the third statement period following the missed payment that caused the rate to increase.

Interest-free Grace Period

You will benefit from an interest-free period of at least?21?days for new purchases and fees if you pay your statement balance in full by the payment due date shown on your statement.

If you do not pay your statement balance in full by the payment due date, you must then pay interest on all purchases and fees shown on that month's statement from the transaction date until we receive your payment for the total amount you owe.

There is no interest-free period for cash advances. Cash withdrawals, balance transfers, certain bill payments and cash-like transactions are all cash advances. Interest is charged from the day the cash advance is made until we receive your payment for the total amount you owe.

Minimum Payment

$10?plus interest and fees.


Effective?August 1, 2019, if you reside in Quebec and your credit card account was opened:

  • Before?August 1, 2019,?the greater of (i)?2.5%?of your statement balance or (ii)?$10.
  • On or after August 1, 2019,?the greater of (i)?5%?of your statement balance or (ii)?$10.


In all cases, any previously unpaid Minimum Payments are included in your Minimum Payment, and your Minimum Payment is your full statement balance if your statement balance is less than?$10.

Foreign Currency Conversion

Transactions in a foreign currency are converted to Canadian dollars no later than the date we post the transaction to your credit card account at an exchange rate that is?2.5%?over a benchmark rate Royal Bank of Canada pays on the date of conversion.

Annual Fee

RBC WestJet Mastercard???$39?for the primary card and?$19?for each additional card.
RBC WestJet World Elite Mastercard?-?$119?for the primary card and?$59?for each additional card.

Annual fees are charged on the first day of the month following account opening (whether or not the card is activated) and annually thereafter on the first day of that same month.

Other Fees

Cash Advance Fees:?$3.50?for (i) cash withdrawals or cash-like transactions, in Canada, or (ii) bill payments or balance transfers made at an introductory interest rate offered to you at account opening or at your standard interest rate.?$5.00?if cash withdrawal or cash-like transaction occurs outside Canada.
Promotional Rate Fee: Up to?3%?of the transaction amount when you take advantage of a promotional interest rate offered to you after account opening by making a balance transfer during the promotional period. The exact Promotional Rate Fee will be disclosed at the time the offer is made to you.
Cash Advance and Promotional Rate fees are charged within?3?business days?from when the transaction is posted to your credit card account.

Dishonoured Payment:?$45?charged on the date the payment reversal is posted for a payment to your credit card account returned for any reason.

Overlimit:?$29?if your balance exceeds your credit limit at any time during your monthly statement period, charged on the day your balance exceeds your credit limit and on the first day of each subsequent statement period if your balance remains overlimit. Fee charged once per statement period.?Effective?August 1, 2019?if you reside in Quebec,?fee does not apply.

Additional copies:?$5?for monthly statement charged within?3?business days?from when the copy was requested.

$1.50?charged within?3?business days?from each statement update at an ATM or branch.

$2?for transaction receipt that does not relate to the current statement. Fee is charged each time the situation occurs.

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??All other trademarks are the property of their respective owner(s).