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Canadian Tire Credit Cards


Canadian Tire Mastercards might fly under the radars of people that don’t shop at Canadian Tire. However, this lessor known card offers tons of opportunities to earn rewards, and not just when shopping at Canadian Tire. Under the brand name Triangle, they offer a selection of four Mastercards, free of fees. Here’s everything you need to know about Canadian Tire Triangle credit cards.

Canadian Tire Credit Card Overview

As mentioned, all Canadian Tire credit cards allow you to earn points, although not necessarily wherever you shop. They offer four cards:

  1. Triangle Mastercard: Save on expenses for fuel, groceries and purchases in participating stores when collecting Canadian Tire Money (CT) reward points.
  2. Triangle World Elite Mastercard: You collect rewards for fuel, groceries, and spending at participating stores, but you collect greater rewards than your standard Triangle Mastercard.
  3. Gas Advantage Mastercard: As the name implies, this card provides fuel-related rewards, so you earn reductions on gas purchases.
  4. Cash Advantage Mastercard: With this card, you get cashback rewards instead of discounts on fuel or CT money. The rewards are automatically applied to your account. Some cashback credit cards have limits on the amount of the cashback, but the Cash Advantage Mastercard does not.

We go into the details of each card below.

Canadian Tire Credit Card Benefits and Perks


Here are the benefits and perks of each card:

Triangle Mastercard

This card allows you to earn Canadian Tire Money rewards when you purchase fuel, groceries, and purchases in participating stores. You also receive exclusive offers based on your past purchases which are at the heart of this card. The benefits and perks include:

  • Earn 5¢ per litre cashback in CT money on fuel purchases at Gasoline +, Gas + and participating Husky stations
  • You earn 1.5% in CT money on all grocery purchases up to $12,000 per year
  • On your purchases, you earn 4% in CT money for certain purchases
  • They also tend to have an ongoing bonus where you can earn 15% Canadian Tire (CT) money on your first purchase
  • Easier returns to participating merchants without a receipt
  • Exclusive events and additional discounts on several products from the participating partners
  • 24/7 customer service


Triangle World Elite Mastercard

You have the same benefits as above with some additions:

  • 7¢ per litre rebate on gas in CT money on “Super” type gasoline at the same stations as above
  • 5¢ per litre rebate in CT money for other types of gas
  • 3% CT money on the first $12,000 spent per year on groceries
  • Roadside Assistance Gold Plan
  • Collision/damage insurance on rental vehicles
  • Extended warranty and zero liability purchase protection for purchases made within the last 90 days
  • Concierge service puts you into a priority queue when you contact the Canadian Tire Bank call centre


Gas Advantage Mastercard

As the name implies this card applies to fuel rewards. This includes:

  • Reductions on fuel: You get 2¢ if you spend less than $500 per month, 5¢ per litre between $500 and $999, 8¢ per litre from $1000 to $1999, 10¢ per litre when you use your card for purchases over $2000 in a single bill cycle.
  • You can double your points on every litre when you shop at Canadian Tire or at L’Équipeur/Mark’s Work Wearhouse stores.

Cash Advantage Mastercard

This is a typical cash-back rewards card with rewards automatically applied to your account. The benefit here is that there is no limit to the cashback available.


Triangle World Elite Mastercard

When you shop at Canadian Tire, gas stations or Mark’s/L’Équipeur stores, you get up to 3% cashback and 1.5% cashback at other stores. You also have the same benefits as the Gas Advantage Mastercard.

Canadian Tire Credit Card Drawbacks


The main drawback is that you don’t earn any points when you shop at Costco Wholesale or Walmart for groceries. As well you can only get points at a limited number of retailers for all but the Triangle World Elite Mastercard. Stores include:

  • Canadian Tire
  • Sport Chek
  • Atmosphere
  • Sports Rousseau
  • Hockey Experts
  • L’Entrepôt du Hockey
  • Mark’s, L’Équipeur
  • Sports Experts

Application for the Triangle Elite is also more challenging as you need an annual income of at least $80,000.

How Do Canadian Tire Credit Cards Compare to Other Banks?


The main issue with the Canadian Tire credit cards is that unlike many other partnered retailer cards you don’t earn points or other benefits unless you shop at a specific list of stores. Other than the cashback option, each card has its own limitations. The good thing though is there aren’t any fees, and if you shop at the stores included, you can see some real money-saving advantages with this card. Drivers are especially favoured by the Triangle cards.

How to choose the right Canadian Tire credit card for your need?

Here is a breakdown of which card to go with based on your needs:

  • Money-Saving: If your goal is to save money, the Triangle World Elite Mastercard or the Triangle Mastercard are best. The only problem is the annual income of $80,000 required for the Elite. However, the only real difference between the two is how much CT money cashback you can earn on groceries and the discount on “Super” gasoline. Just keep in mind you are only earning CT money, so your savings are either on gas or Canadian Tire purchases.
  • Cash Back: If you don’t want CT money rewards, then you definitely want the Cash Advantage Mastercard as it offers excellent rebates compared to the average cashback card. Considering there is no annual fee or minimum income required, it might be your best option for this type of credit card.
  • Fuel Savings: If your only worry is the price of gas, then the Gas Advantage Mastercard is the logical choice.
As you can see there are some advantages to the Triangle collection of Mastercards available through Canadian Tire. However, overall they do have more limitations than the average branded credit cards you can apply for such as the PC Optimum card which allows you to earn PC Optimum points wherever you shop.

Canadian Tire Credit Cards full reviews

Are you interested in a Canadian Tire Credit Cards?below you will find our reviews on the top credit cards from Canadian Tire

Triangle World Elite Mastercard review


Are you an avid customer of Canadian Tire? If yes, then the Triangle World Elite Mastercard might be right for you! This card doesn’t have an annual fee which means you’ll save some dollars while still getting the perks of the credit card.


The biggest perk of this credit card is you receive 4% Canadian Tire Money back when shopping at Canadian Tire stores and their affiliates. Canadian Tire’s affiliates include Sport Chek, Atmosphere and Mark’s. Between Canadian Tire and these stores, you’ll be able to purchase everything you need as you’re likely familiar with the amount of products these companies sell.

There is no limit on how much you can earn on the 4% rate which means the earnings are endless. Although the 4% cash back only applies to the pre-tax amount which puts a slight dent in your earning rate. The cash back rewards of this card are notable because basic Triangle Rewards Members only receive 0.4% cash back.


Triangle Mastercard holders also earn at an accelerated rate when they spend money on groceriesWhen card holders spend money on groceries anywhere except Costco and Walmart, they receive 3% Canadian Tire Money back. This means you can earn 3% cash back at No Frills, Loblaws, Longos, Superstores and Metro, among many others. Keep in mind that there is a cap rate, the 3% back only applies to the first $12,000 spent on groceries in a year. 


Card holders also receive Canadian Tire Money back when they spend elsewhere, but the cash can only be redeemed at Canadian Tire stores and their affiliates. When spending on other things, card holders receive 1% Canadian Tire Money back.


Finally, card holders earn between 5 and 7 cents per litre back in Canadian Tire Money when they purchase gas from Husky, Gas+ or Essence+ stations. The range of 5 to 7 cents depends on what kind of gas you’re purchasing, 5 cents back is applicable on regular gas and 7 cents back is applicable on premium gas. Another perk for regular drivers is you’ll receive free roadside assistance coverage. The plan you receive is the Gold Plan from Canadian Tire which is worth approximately $100. The plan covers you for emergency towing, trip accident insurance, battery boosts, flat tire changes and much more.


As mentioned, rewards from this card can’t be redeemed everywhere because it isn’t literal cash back, it’s Canadian Tire money back. This means the rewards can only be redeemed at Canadian Tire stores and their affiliates. In other words, there are more opportunities to earn than there are to redeem. Earnings also can’t be redeemed in cash or used as statement credits unlike other rewards based credit cards.


Lastly, there is an income requirement for this card. You’ll need to earn $80,000 yourself or $150,000 within your household annually to use this credit card. If you don’t meet this requirement, Canadian Tire offers other credit cards that have less rigorous income requirements.


Overall, the Triangle World Elite Mastercard is an excellent choice for those who have families and regularly shop at Canadian Tire. With no annual fee and plenty of earning opportunities you can’t go wrong!

Gas Advantage Mastercard Review

This credit card can have some good value if you use Canadian Tire Gas+ Bars for your gas.

As the name implies, card users save on gas purchases. Card holders save anywhere between 2 and 10 cents on gas depending on how much is spent in a month. When you spend up to $500 on gas, you’ll save 2 cents per litre. Between $500 and $1,000 in spending, you’ll earn 5 cents per litre. When you spend between $1,000 and $2,000, you’ll save 8 cents per litre. Finally, after you’ve spent $2,000, you’ll save 10 cents per litre. Keep in mind that everything you spend on the card is factored into this calculation, not just how much you spend on gas.


Those who use the Canadian Tire Gas Advantage Mastercard gain access to Canadian Tire bank benefits as well. The most notable benefit is interest free financing over twelve months on eligible purchases with Canadian Tire. If you need to make a big purchase, this is a great way to repay the amount over time. Finally, this credit card comes with no annual fee.


For individuals who drive tons and therefore purchase a lot of gas, this card is a great way to save some bucks on your fill ups. However, if you don’t spend enough in a month, you won’t save on gas. A good rule of thumb is spending at least $2,000 per month which will gain you access to 10 cents of savings per litre.

Cash Advantage Mastercard Review

The most notable feature of this credit card is the 3% cash back rate when you spend at Canadian Tire. This includes purchases made at Canadian Tire gas bars, Mark’s and L’Equipeur. Card holders also earn on other purchases, but the earning rates are tiered. On the first $1,500 you spend, you earn 0.25% cash back. After that, you earn 0.5% cash back when you spend up to $3,000. Once you spend $3,000, you start to earn 1% cash back up to $24,000. Beyond $24,000, you’ll earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases with no earning cap. As you can see, the more you spend, the more you’ll earn.


To offset the relatively low cash back earning rate, there is no annual fee for this card. In addition, card holders gain access to Canadian Tire bank which comes with some perks. One of the most favourable perks is twelve month, no interest financing on applicable Canadian Tire purchases.


The primary benefit of the Canadian Tire Cash Advantage Mastercard is accelerated earnings when you spend at Canadian Tire. If Canadian Tire is your one stop shop, this credit card is definitely worth it. It is also worth it if you spend $2,000 or more per month. Otherwise, you’ll likely earn more cash back with other credit cards.

Triangle Mastercard Review

Canadian Tire is one of Canada’s better known brands with over 500 stores from coast to coast. There isn’t much you won’t find at one of Canadian Tire’s stores, they sell household essentials, tools, equipment, electronics, home decor, camp gear and much more. You’ll never be too far from a Canadian Tire store and chances are you’ll find what you need.

If you’re already a Canadian Tire customer, or like the sounds of what they offer, you’ll also like the Triangle Mastercard, Canadian Tire’s entry level credit card.

The Triangle Mastercard has no annual fee
, no minimum income requirements and various perks that you can benefit from. Card holders earn 4% Canadian Tire Money back on all purchases at Canadian Tire stores and their affiliates. Sports Check, Atmosphere and Mark’s are affiliates of Canadian Tire where you can exercise your 4% earnings.

There is no limit on how much you can earn on the 4% Canadian Tire money back meaning the earnings are infinite. However, there is one drawback which is that the 4% is only on pre-tax expenditures. You won’t earn cash back on HST or other sales tax you pay.


Card holders also have the opportunity to earn outside of Canadian Tire stores and their affiliates. When you spend anywhere else, you’ll earn 0.8% Canadian Tire money back. Even though this rate isn’t the most optimal on the market, you’ll still be earning more than a basic Triangle Rewards member who earns 0.4% back. Finally, card holders earn 5 cents of Canadian Tire Money per litre of gas purchased whenever they spend at Husky, Gas+ or Essence+.


Another benefit to using any Canadian Tire credit card is access to no fee and no interest financing on qualifying purchases over $200. The amount you spend is repaid over twelve months, in equal installments, when the purchase is between $200 and $499. When the purchase is over $500, you can repay the amount in twenty-four monthly, equal instalments. All of this is possible through Canadian Tire bank.


Out of all the Canadian Tire credit cards, this one has the least amount of perks. However, this is to be expected since it is an entry level card, it has no annual fee and no minimum income requirements. With that in mind, the Triangle Mastercard does offer their card holders the opportunity to earn, even if it is minimal. Furthermore, rewards can only be redeemed at Canadian Tire, Sports Chek, Mark’s and Atmosphere. This isn’t a huge array of options, although, for some it’s enough to satisfy their needs.


All in all, the Triangle Mastercard is a good choice for individuals who shop a lot at Canadian Tire and are looking to gain some earnings while they do it. If you’re looking to save some dollars on your day to day needs, consider the Triangle Mastercard!

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