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Triangle Rewards Program Overview 2023


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Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

In 2015, Canadian Tire launched the Triangle Rewards program. In addition to this program, there is the Canadian Tire Money rewards program which has been active since 1922. Many Canadians are familiar with this incentive because it features literal money tender. Physical Canadian Tire Money features a fictitious character named Sandy McTire. He has a stylish waxed moustache and is presumed to represent the everyday blue-collar worker in Canada in the 20s. The idea to implement Canadian Tire Money came from Muriel Billes, the wife of Canadian Tire’s first president and co-founder, Alfred J. Billes. Customers can still collect and redeem using Canadian Tire Money, but there is greater emphasis on the Triangle Rewards program now.

If you’re a regular shopper at Canadian Tire or their affiliated partners, you may be interested in becoming a Triangle Rewards member. Or, perhaps you simply want to understand what the program is all about. In this guide, you’ll learn how to earn, redeem and make the most out of the Triangle Rewards program.

How to earn Triangle Rewards

In order to earn points, you must have a Triangle credit card or membership card. Canadian Tire offers three different types of credit cards under their loyalty program. A summary of each credit card and the membership card can be found below.

  • Triangle Mastercard. Earn 1.5% in Canadian Tire (CT) Money on the first $12,000 you spend on grocery purchases, excluding Costco and Walmart, per year. Earn 4% CT Money when you spend with partners, such as Canadian Tire, Atmosphere, SportChek and Party City. Earn 0.5% in CT Money on all other purchases. Finally, earn 5 cents per litre of gas when you spend at Gas+ and Husky. There are no annual fees.

  • Triangle World Elite Mastercard. Earn 3% in CT Money on the first $12,000 you spend on grocery purchases, excluding Costco and Walmart, per year. Earn 4% in CT Money when you spend with partners. Earn 1% in CT Money on all other purchases. Earn 5 to 7 cents per litre of gas when you spend at Gas+, Essence+ and Husky. There are no annual fees.

  • Triangle World Mastercard. Earn 4% in CT Money when spending with partners. Earn 5 to 7 cents per litre of gas when you spend at Gas+, Essence+ and Husky. This credit card is currently only available by invite.

  • Triangle Rewards Loyalty Card. You can also become a member with Triangle by obtaining a basic membership card. Earn 0.4% in CT Money when you spend. Earn 3% in CT Money per litre of gas spent at Gas+ when you pay with cash or debit.

How to redeem Triangle Rewards

Triangle Rewards can be redeemed for merchandise or experiences. For merchandise, you can use points to make a purchase with any of Canadian Tire’s partners. Triangle Rewards can be used to buy anything in these stores except for gift cards, prepaid cards, licenses, tobacco and alcohol purchases. The list of partners includes:

  • Canadian Tire
  • SportChek
  • Mark’s and L’Equipeur
  • Atmosphere
  • Sports Experts
  • Husky
  • Sports Rousseau
  • Hockey Experts
  1. Party City
  2. Avis
  3. Budget
  4. Gas+
  5. Essence+

In addition to merchandise, the Triangle rewards program offers exclusive experiences, contests and events. Previous offers include Osheaga, Boots & Hearts, NHL events and MLB events. There are also contests and giveaways if members are interested in entering.

Triangle Rewards value

As advertised on Canadian Tire’s website, the value of 1 Triangle Rewards point is equal to 1 Canadian dollar.

Getting the most out of your Triangle Rewards

The value of your Triangle Rewards doesn’t change regardless of whether you redeem for merchandise or experiences. This means you can redeem for whatever you want without having to worry about getting the most value.


Do you have additional questions about the Triangle Rewards points program? Check out the commonly asked questions and My Rate Compass’ corresponding answers below.

How do I log into my Triangle Rewards account?

You can log into your Triangle Rewards account by following the below steps:
  1. Visit Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards’ website.
  2. At the top right, click Sign In.
  3. Enter your login details.

If you don’t remember your Triangle Rewards login information, contact Canadian Tire to reset it.

How do I contact Triangle Rewards?

You can contact Triangle rewards by email, phone, and mail. To inquire by email, visit Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards’ website and click Contact Us at the bottom of the page. Complete the form at the top of the page and wait for a response. You can call 1-800-226-8473 to talk to someone about the Triangle loyalty program. Finally, if you want to send documents or questions by mail, send them to:

PO Box 2000, Station Main

Welland, ON

L3B 5S3

Can I transfer my Triangle Rewards?

It does not appear that Triangle Rewards can be transferred to another loyalty program.

However, points can be transferred to another Triangle member. You can only complete a transfer if it is approved by Canadian Tire. To make a transfer request, call 1-800-226-8473.

Finally, there is no option to pool points or have multiple people on the same account. Although, multiple barcodes can be attached to one account allowing two people to earn points towards one account.

Do Triangle Rewards expire?

If your account is active, your Triangle Rewards will not expire. Activity includes earning, redeeming, or transferring points. If there has been no activity in your account for 18 months or longer, your points will expire. If your account is at risk of expiring, Canadian Tire will send you a warning email. Usually, it is sent between 30 to 60 days of your account’s expiry.

How do I check my Triangle Rewards balance?

You can check your balance by logging into your Triangle.com account or by using the Triangle app. If you are not registered for either of these online portals, you can also check your balance by calling 1-800-226-8473.

Do Triangle Rewards cover taxes?

Yes, Triangle Rewards cover sales tax on merchandise and experience purchases.

Are Triangle Rewards subject to blackout dates?

There are no blackout dates with Triangle Rewards.

How do I earn Triangle Rewards faster?

The only way to earn Triangle rewards faster is by upgrading from a basic loyalty card to a Triangle credit card and spend more with participating Canadian Tire partners.

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